Hotels Near Lagos International Airport

What hotels are near Lagos Airport Ikeja?

If you are coming into Lagos through the Lagos domestic or international airport known as MMIA (Murtala Muhammad International Airport), there are a number of luxurious, affordable accommodation situated not far from the airport you can easily lodge in. In this, we will do a list of hotels and lodges around the Lagos airport that you can choose from.

Do a check for the distance between Lagos Airport and your destination to see if it is best to stay close to the airport. Also do the same check for the distance from airport to the hotel, just to ascertain it is close enough and see the estimated time.

Some of the top hotels in Ikeja around the Lagos International Airport are:

  • Sheraton Lagos Hotel
  • Golden Tulip Essential Lagos Airport Hotel
  • Ibis Lagos Airport, Ibis Lagos Ikeja
  • Atlantic Hotels and Suites

and many other premium hotels in Lagos within 15 minutes from the airport.

Without search too hard, you can easily get cheap hotels close to Lagos International Airport too. Budget travellers are welcomed to the city of Lagos at anytime. There are also ways to score cheap accommodation when visiting a city – we will discover how to get a cheap hotel near me. For the cheap hotels, as the airport is within Ikeja, most hotels won’t be too far away so if you are visiting on a budget, getting one of the cheap hotels in Ikeja Lagos won’t be a bad idea. As always, check the distance on the map, read reviews, make sure everything the hotel offers is within your budget.

Advantages of lodging in hotels near Lagos Airport

Most commercial cities are always buzzing and Lagos is one of such cities. The city encounters traffic jam frequently and could be a little difficult getting around if you are not used to it. For permanent residents, planning ahead and leave way ahead of time is an option. But as a visitor getting to the city on business trip or holiday, you can reduce movements around by getting a hotel close to the airport. Some of the major reasons to lodge close to the airport are

  • Comfort when you just landed. No need to be taking long rides when all you need is to rest.
  • Arriving or leaving the city, it is a strategic location that ease movement around.
  • Competitive prices and good facilities
  • Some will offer airport shuttle

Maybe for one reason or the other, you are unable to book a choice hotel within 10 – 15 minutes from the airport, you should check for hotels in Ikeja close to the airport.

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