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Going on a long awaited vacation that you have been saving all your life for. The plan is to have a blast – YOLO and all that vibe. After picking the location, the next thing to do naturally is select a premium hotel that can pamper you just as much as you desire; after all, it is your money that is talking.

To achieve this, you have to carefully search for the best hotels near your desired location for instance hotels near Victoria Island. If you are picking a location, it has to be a place close to a number of attractions in the city you can easily visit. Take Lekki/Victoria Island as an example. Anywhere you decide to lodge in these two major districts of Lagos, you can easily enjoy the beauty of the many beaches in Lagos, top cinema, night clubs, restaurants and just about anything you can think of. Even if you want to take adventurous activities such as Kayaking, this is the area you can enjoy such activity.

Most sites will have a filter button that can help you easily narrow down you search. Just tick the 5 star hotel button. But it is also advised that you check a few hotels that are not in the range of stars you want too. You will be surprised to see that some three star hotels have equally good facilities just as the 4 star hotels. Some times that even have better amenities and without exploring you wouldn’t have known. Check for all you will need to have maximum fun during your vacation.

Here are a few luxury hotels in Lagos near different areas.

Luxury hotels near Victoria Island, Lagos

5 star hotels near Ikeja, Lagos

  • Sheraton Lagos Hotel
  • Renaissance Lagos Ikeja Hotel
  • Ibis Lagos Ikeja
  • Pearlwort Hotel & Suites
  • Atlantic Hotels and Suites (GRA)

Best hotels near Lekki, Lagos

  • Oakwood Park Hotel Lekki
  • Vantage Beach Hotel and Resort
  • The Lilygate
  • La Campagne Tropicana Resort
  • Number 95 Suites

These are some of the top hotels in these areas. You should do a wider search for your perfect stay when visiting. A good trick to get the best hotels even at a relatively affordable rate is to book ahed online especially during promo campaigns. You can book a hotel near you today using Easter discount on Jumia Travel.

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